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11 June, 2007

Zwart voor je ogen

Ze remixen grote namen en worden zelf ook door de electronische mangel gehaald. Black Ghosts is lekker bezig in die buitencategorie. En check dat artwork op die Myspace pagina en platenhoezen. Dat doen ze zelf, en daar mogen ze wel een paar shirts vol mee plempen. Hoe dan ook. Hier heb je het MiniMail interview met één van de Black Ghosts. (Hij wilde z'n naam niet geven.) Misschien is het wel Simon Lord, die eerder in Simian Mobile Disco zat.

The hottest artists and producers are remixing Black Ghosts tracks. You must be pretty hot yourselves?
'Yes of course. We are hot like lava. But also cold like Pluto. And fast like the Spinning Bird Kick.'

Talking about videogames: which game is better than sex (ok, at least better than an average blowjob)?
'Winding Heat in the arcades. GTA at home.'

How do you keep your record label happy without selling millions of albums or mp3's?
'By being well dressed and polite. Anyway, give us a chance - like the song says We've only just begun.'

What will give visitors of a Black Ghosts gig shivers down their spines?
'Simon's voice, and the onstage Slurpee machine. Brain freeze guaranteed.'

What's the best decision you've made this past year?
'To buy a helmet. To grow a big moustache. To shave off the moustache. To make a classic album.'

What did you do before answering these questions?
'Rehearsed, then abused someone else's song (a.k.a. worked on a remix). Then watched The First 48. Then Denied anyone requesting on MySpace who likes Tupac.'

Give MonoBrow readers a sneak peek of new projects!
'We've just done remixes for Gossip, Charlotte Gainsbourg and King Ceosote, which should all be out soon(ish). Plus we are sorting out the website - it'll have a whole load of short films made to our songs, by people all over the world. Podcast DJ mixes will follow - then we are going to go out as a DJ, FX and live vocals duo, which will rock totally.'

Hier pak je trouwens hun laatste , redelijk geniale mix:

Black Ghosts - Trophy Twins Radio Mix

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