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07 February, 2007

Learning Curve

Hij ziet eruit alsof hij een hoop heeft meegemaakt en te vertellen heeft. Dat klopt. Samen met beat creator extraordinaire Kubus maakte BangBang Learning Curve. Een album met meer grime dan de stoep van een Londense fish & chips. En hoekiger dan een Rietveld stoel. Exclusief bij MonoBrow: BangBang over Kubus en andersom. Word.

What's the biggest compliment you could give Kubus?
'He's brave enough to keep his own unique sound even though he is pressured by the karaoke fans to adopt a genre, and that he is brave enough to work with an artist that also has his own sound and is English speaking. I wish some of the nationalists would get behind one of the first Dutch artists to take a Dutch thing worldwide and sell it without it being a karaoke version of African-American hip hop.'

How does Kubus work?
'From a gut feeling. Then u have to leave him alone to capture the vibe that is whispering to him its composition.'

Did you have some ritual during the recording of the album?
'Yeah, after Kubus reached a point of being comfortable with a piece he had created, we used to call his friend Wouter to come round, so he could watch as I laid the vocals and Kubus put on the finishing touches. Wouter is your average nice Dutch guy, so if we made him trip we would probably have the same effect on the rest of Europe. Wouter helped me structure my story in a way that most people who aren't from where I'm from, could get what I'm trying to convey.'

Do you think they'll feel Kubus' music in the UK and elsewhere?
'I think people who truly know the rules of minimum wage culture (hip hop) will get it, because the rules set by the masters of the form is... no form. Just be innovative while being informative about what is really happening to people of colour in this jealous world.'

Als Kubus vandaag z'n antwoorden mailt, check je hem morgen op MonoBrow.

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