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04 September, 2007

Ted Passon of the Christ

Meer Ted Passon! Eerste deel van het interview vind je hier.

Hip-hop is pretty macho. Do you think Plastic Little is understood by people who listen to 50 Cent and Mobb Deep?
'Honestly I don’t think that Plastic Little is understood by the people that listen to Plastic Little. They’re friends of mine and I can’t really say I understand them. Plastic Little does have some pretty misogynistic lyrics that I won’t defend but what separates them from folks like 50 Cent and Mobb Deep is that they know what they are saying is fucked up and ridiculous. They are not trying to advocate any kind of lifestyle and they definitely don’t take what they are saying seriously and don’t expect anyone else too.'

'Undoubtedly some people do have a problem making the transition. Max Lawrence who runs Free News Projects (Plastic Littles’ label), just sent us this quote the other day from a blog run by two white kids, who I guess usually like the “gatt-tastic” kind of rap, who reviewed Plastic Little and the Dopeness video:

“This shit was so disturbing to my macho heterosexuality that I pretty much dusted off the Screw CDs and listened to nothing but bass heavy gangsta shit for a week, usually with a tall can of Negro Modelo in my lap, riding around just trying to wash the feeling of faggotry out my earlobes."'

Hahahaha. Sad. How long until you won't answer your mail personally anymore and have a PA who rejects all interview requests?

'Probably sometime after I stop worrying if I’ll make my rent.'

What's so cool about photography?
'1.) It focuses our eyes on the details of our everyday lives that we often take for granted. 2.) It shows us how micro moments can inform us about macro contexts. 3.) It’s pretty. 4.) You can create a visual representation of pretty much anything you imagine. 5.) There’s new reasons all the time.'

'For me it’s a great break from video and film because you’re just interested in a one particular instant and it reminds you how much you can say visually in a single frame. With moving pictures it’s easy to add lots of stuff that’s unnecessary. Also it’s cool because I can upload dumb pictures of myself to MySpace with my head on other bodies, which never seems to get old to me.'

Could you give MonoBrow readers a sneak peak at something you're working on right now?
'I’ve got a few things in the works right now. I’m just about to finish a music video for Peggy Honeywell (the music project of the super talented artist, Clare Rojas). It was directed by Andrew Jeffrey Wright and I produced and edited it. I’m also starting two new music videos soon. One is for The A-Sides on Vagrant Records and Tender Forever on K-Records.'

Sounds good!
'I’m also finishing up a little experimental/documentary/performance piece about falling in love in France and I’m working on a treatment for a longer documentary I’ve been shooting so I can hopefully look for funding at the Rotterdam film market in your fine country in January. Maybe one of your readers can give me a couch to sleep on?'

Mooie mensen hebben ook gevoelens.

Donny Miller snapt het. Nadat een relatie compleet mislukte besloot hij dit te verwerken door een zelfhulpboek te maken. Het werd het geniale Beautiful People With Beautiful Feelings. Een dik boek vol pop art-afbeeldingen met die lesjes die je moet leren.

Je kent Donny misschien van z'n ontwerpen voor Vans en Baker skateboards. Maar beter bestel je gewoon dat boek. (Je moet 'm even mailen en dan komt het goed.) En hou je deze site in de gaten, want MonoBrow gaat natuurlijk zo'n MiniMail met de man fixen.