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10 July, 2008

First Aid with The Presets

Misschien heb je ze gezien tijdens 5 Days Off in Paradiso. Zoniet, dan heb je ze nu gelezen op MonoBrow. Dat internet jongen, da's echt handig.
Ok Julien, bring it:

What sets you off?
'Do you mean what makes me angry? Or what gets me excited? I am excited by good food. I think food is the most important thing. Then sex.'

If you had to do something for five days straight, without interruption, what would you choose?

Which Presets lyric do people always sing along wrongly?
'All the words for `I Go Hard, I Go Home' off our first record. The words are all chopped up, so it's difficult for the audience to work out what the lyrics are.'

What are your thoughts concerning the concept of the Power Ballad? Could you write one?
'Power Ballads are great! I love them. Yes, I have written a few (with other bands though). I would love it if one day The Presets did one.'

Do you ever feel lonely on stage? Or is it all adrenaline and sex?
'I never get lonely on stage! I have Kim right next to me.'

In which situation will a Presets song save lives?
'An ambulance driver, when he needs to get somewhere quickly, should be listening to The Presets.'

Any kind words for your parents?
'They are the best. They are my parents. I love them.'

En dit is hun Myspaceje.

Mama is boos

Kijk naar het door A3 gemaakte MonoBrow-logo en je snapt dat ik zombies, monsters en groen slijm G.A.A.F. vind.

Ik voelde me dan ook de king too rich toen ik Chainsaw Maid ontdekte.
Deze klei-animatie van ene Takena (student, 21 jaar) is gruwelijk.

Pasteltinten + ingewanden = Yummi.