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24 September, 2007

Vrolijkheid voor de mensen

MonoBrow vindt die Patricia wel leuk. Met d'r grappige designtjes. En als je dan een blog hebt doe je twee dingen. Je maakt er een stukje over:


en je tikt die MiniMail:

Your designs are fresher than the lungs of a jodler from the Swiss mountains. Why are you so obsessed with that style?
'I was in Switzerland last year, it was awesome! I had a great time there. It's so beautiful, I met very nice people and I felt relaxed like I never felt before, so peaceful. I felt like I could live there forever. But I'm a big city girl so I came back. I never thought about it, but I guess my obsession with drawing the Swiss mountains is about trying to bring that feeling back.'

Does being a graphic designer help getting boyfriends?
'Yeah, totally! All the geeks fall in love too easily ;) .'

What's your biggest commercial project so far?
'Well, I don't know. I'm working for a brand of clothes called 2nd Floor. But it's not my personal project. I'm always much more interested in indie alternative stuff than commercial projects. I never worked as a designer, I used to be a tv producer for MTV and other companies. But I think it's fun to draw and getting payed for it!'

What music should MonoBrow listen to when he's wearing one of your shirts or looking at one of your designs?
'I love The Magnetic Fields. Stephin Merritt is a genius, I love his sense of humor. Many of my drawings relate to his music. And also Dump, Yo La Tengo, Kimya Dawson and of course Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers.'

You've been mentioned on Krudmart. Did this help?
'Really? What did they say? Was it good? I didn't know until now. I always receive nice emails from people all around, they're all sweet.'

Is that your tattooed elbow on flickr? Do you have one with your own design? Would you do that? If not, why?
'Yes, it's my elbow. I never really considered tattooing any of my designs. I have a Daniel Clowes character tattooed on my right leg though. I like tattooing things I know I'm gonna love forever, like a pink flamingo and a demented forever sacred heart, 'cause i love John Waters forever!

'Maybe I could tattoo that happy house i like to doodle.... but i think my friend's designs are much nicer than mine.'

What are you up to next?
'I'm putting some doodles together for a publication soon, and I'd love to do something for the Magnetic Fields. Also, once a month I organize a party to sell my t-shirts and invite friends over to my apartment. There's always a pocket concert from some nice band. You can see some pics at my flickr page.

That's it? 'I'm also working on my website, it's gonna be fun to visit! And I'm still printing my tee's at home...'

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julesdavid said...

Jonathan Richman is donderdag in de melkweg, das nog wel een bezoekje waard.. Ik ben fan van : I was dancing in a lesbian bar"..