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02 July, 2008

Ladies man

Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk's tracks zijn lekkert met een hoofdletter t. Hij maakt mash ups waar je moeder's andijviestamppot no way tegenop kan.

Deze zondag sluit hij met nog een paar beukende boykes 5 Days Off af. Wat vandaag begint. Snap jij dus ook waarom je nu een MiniMail met de beste man in je browser hebt.

How long do we have to wait until you use a Richard Marx song in one of your tracks?
'The opening piano hook of Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting" was featured on my 2004 release, Unstoppable. It's on the song Non-Stop Party Now.'

/falls through the basket as serious pop journalist.

Right. Sorry. Does it annoy you that you get compared to 2ManyDj's?
'It's not really annoying because I like their work and can see the similarities. But when I got started doing this kind of music in the late 90's, I had never heard of them so it wasn't like they were a primary inspiration. I was into people like Negativland, Kid 606, Lesser, John Oswald and so on. That's a whole different scene. I imagine our purposes and goals for making re-contextualized music are distinctly different.'

Do you ever get requests by forgotten artists to use their songs in your material?
'That would be a dream of mine. Please, forgotten artists, reach out! I need your support! Sophie B. Hawkins, who I don't think is forgotten but isn't really at the top of her game like she was in the early 90's, had her manager contact me because she liked my use of her song Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover on my album Night Ripper.

'She wanted to potentially collaborate on something, which I'm pumped about, but nothing has happened yet.'

How many familiy members have you dissapointed when you dj'ed during weddings and they realised your version of Hotel California wasn't ehrm, what they expected?'
'I've gotten some wedding requests, but I haven't done one yet. I'm waiting for the perfect wedding. I'm also waiting to master my remix of Hotel California. I did play a prom in San Francisco, California last year. That was about as close as I've gotten. It was fantastically weird, and the afterparty was next level.'

Your music sounds very uplifting, are you like that in real life?
'I think I have a positive outlook on life. I think the music reflects that to some degree. But the music is very in-your-face, kind of commanding attention, which is probably the opposite of me in real life.'

What if Tiësto asked you out for coffee, would you go? What would you talk about?
'Absolutely. I would demand that we only talk about trance. I would try to talk more than him.'


Rory said...

Niet helemaal mijn ding, maar die dingen van hem zitten zo knap in elkaar.

Ben jij er zondag ook JeeWee?

MonoBrow said...

Is wel de bedoeling!