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25 June, 2007


Wat een contrast: de beats en bliepjes waar je elk weekend als een zwakzinnige Barcelona-fan op staat te beuken worden vaak gemaakt door intelligente en bedeesde gasten. Die eerder van dit soort dingen houden dan van dit soort dingen.

Zo ook James Ford en Jas Shaw, die studeerden respectievelijk Biologie en Filosofie. Nu maken ze Alzheimerbevorderende audio met hun act Simian Mobile Disco. Omdat hun eerste album Attack Decay Sustain Release net uit is en ze op 19 juli in de Paradiso staan, mailde MonoBrow kort met James.

Have the first fans with SMD tattoos showed themselves to you?
'Haha, not yet, but we are looking forward to seeing an smd tramp stamp soon.'

After Arctic Monkeys who will you produce next? And will you do it as a team this time?
'we have production already lined up, some together and some individually, but we dont wanna talk about it till it happens.'

Have you already said 'no' to a particular artist?
'Yes, lots, but I'm not telling you who. I'm a professional!'

How much would it cost MonoBrow to get a remix done by SMD?
'Depends if we like the song, but probably a few grand. If we don't like it, it'll be more! Haha.'

Why didn't you make an album deal with Kitsuné and went with Wichita instead?
'Kitsuné are great, but we met the Witchita guys, and got on really well with them.'

How quickly do you get bored of your own tracks?
'We make tracks really quickly, like 2 days max, so sometimes when you haven't heard them for a while, it's a pleasant surprise.'

As simians, could you fancy yourselves sporting a monobrow?
'Nah, we'll leave that for Liam gallagher!'

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Rory said...

monobrow mini-interview madness, dope.