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01 October, 2007

Low brow for life

Harrell Fletcher maakt mooie dingen. Wat best handig is als je kunstenaar bent. Hij is de laatste tijd vooral in de weer met mensen van de straat zoals jij en ik. Die laat hij dan op een indrukwekkende manier terugkomen in z'n werk.

Maar hij is ook de partner in crime van Miranda July. Zijn project met haar was tot gister te bezichtigen in Eindhoven. Dat heb je waarschijnlijk gemist. Maak ik het toch goed met deze MiniMail.

Isn't it belittling when art critics mention that you like to use regular people in your work? What's so regular about regular people?
'I think the term regular people in this sense just means people who are not celebrities, and maybe to some degree means people who don't think of themselves as artists. Of course everyone is unique in their own ways and that is partly what LTLYM is attempting to make known. But I don't think being regular is a bad thing either, I'm pretty regular myself.'

For who are you doing what you're doing?
'I would say that it is primarily for the participants and their friends and family, and then for the general public, and then for the art public--in that order of importance. But then again probably the most important audience for myself is myself. I am interested in seeing the results of the assignments we put out there. I guess the best answer is that it is for everyone who is interested.'

What's the latest mp3 you downloaded?
'I downloaded the entire Rolling Stone's album Tattoo You, which is something I listened to in high school. Certain songs stayed in my head all of this time and I assumed the whole album was one of their good ones, but it turned out that I really only like the songs on side two--Heaven, and No Use In Crying are particularly nice.'

What artist deserves more attention and success?
'The one doing the most interesting work. But there are problems in the world and art world that cause some groups of people to have a greater likelihood of making interesting art and getting it seen and appreciated. I want to level the playing field so that everyone has the same opportunities, and that way the work which is truly the most interesting can become available for appreciation and support. In general I am opposed to the art star system, I think that is a device of capitalism. I would like to see a broader range of people being able to be supported in their artistic endeavors. Maybe that is already something that exists in the Netherlands, but it isn't that way here in the US.'

Verkopen jullie ook van die Vans sportschoenen?

Bizar. Back in the days moest je naar legendarische surf- en skateshops in Scheveningen voor die Half cabs of Sk8 Hi's. Nu scoor je ze in de Kalverstraat. Of kom je hun campagnes tegen in Sp!ts.

Andere tijden pappie.