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13 June, 2007

Cocoa butter & eyeliner

Ze heeft meer gevoel voor fashion dan 'n toiletjuffrouw tijdens M.u.l.t.i. S.e.x.i of PIV. En nog veel belangrijker: ze maakt lekkere liedjes. Beetje jammer alleen dat de show op 18 juni van Thecocknbullkid in de kleine zaal van Paradiso niet door gaat. Nog even geduld dus, voordat je er zelf achterkomt hoe leuk deze girl is. Helemaal in het echie. Hoewel haar antwoorden op het MiniMail interview ook behoorlijk van de leuk zijn.

What the hell happened to your Myspace profile?
'I've been racking my brain. I dunno, one day I woke up and it was gone. There has been many a conspiracy theory, christian fundamentalism and all sorts- all lighthearted, you know. Actually, i cant keep thinking about it or i'll go mad, it was actually strangely catharthic to be honest, it came at a kinda good time too.'

Hadouken! is promoting you like crazy, are you paying them?
'Yes, I'm offering them my ovaries. Nah, i think it was James who heard my song on the radio and said he liked it, he took it upon himself to post a bulletin directing people to me and i swear i got about over 200 requests in the space of 10 minutes! I was paranoid that this was another myspace hack at first, cos it was very unusual but within a matter of minutes there were loads of Hadouken! fans telling me they were sent by James. I thought it was very nice of him, i sent a thank you message.'

Why should MonoBrow readers go and hunt your songs?
'I dunno, I guess if they like interesting pop music they should have a listen. Or if they hate their lives.'

Are you good at something else besides singing and making music?
'Apparently, i'm very good at smelling nice, which i think is great. The only downside with it is having smelly days and letting the side down. Its difficult to keep the momentum going once the bar has been raised so high. I like to think Im quite a good cook, I grew up with my dad and he is amazing so I picked up some moves from him.'

How do you like your boyfriends?
'Quietly confident, nice hair and a little unhinged.'

These days you need to get remixed at least seventy times. Who is going to do one of your tracks?
'I have issues with remixes sometimes. they can be dodgy and sometimes a bit pointless, unless they're really good. I think Im always going to try and be a bit careful with remixes. But Boombass (Cassius) has offered to remix and they're very good so I've said yes.'

What fashion item makes you feel like the most beautiful girl on earth?
'Cocoa butter or some sexy liquid eyeliner from MAC.'

Baksteen door je speakers I

MonoBrow zit vanaf vandaag in Barcelona. Tijd voor Sonar begrijp je wel. En omdat de wifi spots op het strand van die stad 'n nogal slechte naam hebben, speelt MonoBrow op safe. Daarom krijg je de komende dagen korte updates met die killertrackjes voor je kiezen. Nummers waar MonoBrow hard door z'n huis van gaat stuiteren. In z'n paarse American Apparel onderbroek. Denk daar maar aan als je die boel binnenhaalt. Bijvoorbeeld deze van die Franse fox Yelle:

Yelle - A Cause Des Garcons (Riot In Belgium Remix)