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20 April, 2009

MiniMail: Gunsho

James Quigley droomt niet vaak over vreemdgaan met het Albert Heijn-meisje van de kaasafdeling. Wel over monsters met barstende puspuisten, ingewanden die niet begrijpen dat ze binnen moeten blijven en andere nastiness. Gelukkig voor jou tekent hij die ellende van zich af.


Is all your work hand drawn?
"Yes, all of my work is hand-drawn. I do use the computer for coloring my work."

What does your mother say when you show her your monsters?
"I've been drawing demons and mutants my entire life so at this point my mother isn't surprised by the sorts of things I draw now."

Do you make up stories when drawing?
"That depends on the piece. Currently the Demonology series that I'm working from is inspired by an old occult text known at the Goetia. As far as my other work is concerned, I do imagine the characters as having particular personalities and I put in subtle details that I'd like to think might lead a viewer to see some of the secret things that I see in my work."

Your work reminds me of Jim Phillips and a friend said he thought of Pushead. What's so appealing about drawing freaks and beasts?
Jim Phillips is obviously a big influence on my work. I've had a lot of people mention Pushead when describing my work. I'm a big fan of Pushead. Like a lot of other artists, I think that what I do is a more refined extension of what I've done since I was a kid."

Which is?
"My childhood and teenage years were spent obsessing over comic books, toys, horror movies, and punk and metal record covers and posters. There's a particular dark current of irreverence and malignant visuals that I've always been drawn to and I imagine that similar artists past and present have found their place in the grotesque. Drawing monsters and freaks is simply more interesting to me than producing typically beautiful art."

Do you ever dream about your creatures?
"My dreams are a very fertile source of inspiration for a lot of my visuals. I draw a lot from my subconscious when I'm sketching."

Brrr. Do you like to draw other stuff too?
"I don't draw much else besides freaks and monsters but in my sketchbooks I do a lot of simple classic cartooning and spend a lot of time creating characters."

What are you working on now?
"I'm making monsters and gore for horror films. I'm also in the early stages of producing a few different toy lines for a new toy company called Playge, making strange stuffed animals and action figures that are in line with my aesthetic- disgusting vile stuff hopefully."

"As well, I'm producing shirt designs for a great company in LA called Lore Clothing, continuing to do work for Transworld Skateboarding and a few other publications, skateboard art for Heroin skateboards, artwork for my own apparel company Dead Druid, and a few other projects including writing and making the art for a role-playing game that I've been working on for 10 years."

What scares you the most?
"Large bugs."

Don't Believe

The Hype Machine - Music Blog Zeitgeist 2008

Beetje dat Pitchfork 500-ding, maar dan voor leuke electroliedjes.

Beetje laat, dat ook.