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05 March, 2008

Dom lomp en naïef

Aaand we're back. Tijd voor deel twee van de MiniMail met Naive New Beaters. (Hier snaai je deel 1. Grab part one over here.)

Why is your music so excellent?
'Double bang to you I would say, may we call you daddy?'

Yes please
'We do this music because we do it but when we don’t do it, we don’t do it, you see ? It’s just some pop rap with feelings and choreographies and Cadillac sometimes. Someone eating sand under chubby palm trees.'

Are remixes of NNB tracks by hot producers like Bloody Beetroots essential to push the group's career forward?
'As they all know loads more girls than us, the answer is yes. You know, it’s hard when you find yourself all sweating after a show and there is no one to watch you taking off your wet jumper. We had to do something.'

'The Bloody Beetroots did some really cool stuff, love Italian spiders. Ajax from Walabi land is also dope like dope and Yuksek, girls say he’s cute so we have to stay friends with him.'

Amsterdam isn't on your tour list. Will it ever be?
'Man, we’re just dreaming to play there…eating hot Febo stuff and playing on a boat along the desert and the canals. Then we would play at Paradiso for lunch. Yes, that’d be amazingly great.'

'Come on, we know you’re the man with all the connections and all that, you can make it happen. If we get the dollars, you get the dollars and we all get the dollars with a lot of dollars (I’m quite broke right now).'

Thanks again for doing this!
'Man, thank you, you're the man.'Thanks a lot for making us play in Amsterdam in may, Queen's day, such an honour, we knew you could it, didn't I tell you?'

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