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13 November, 2007

Vol is vol

Het is een kwestie van tijd totdat de aarde definitief onleefbaar wordt. Maar ja. Het alternatief is ook niet alles. In outer space word je namelijk helemaal crazygek.

John Carpenter's Dark Star


Andy, pesto and a pipe.

Je hebt misschien al over Andy Rementer gelezen op MonoBrow. Hell, als je Freshcotton dwangmatig klikt, ken je de prints van deze supervriendelijke grafisch ontwerper wel. En net als Karl Malone deliver ik ook altijd. Dus hupsakee: die MiniMail.

Have you ever drawn something to impress a girl? What was it and did it work?
'Nothing specifically. Though in general, most artists are working to impress other people. Of course I'm always yearning for the approval of my girlfriend. She hasn't left me yet, so yeah, I guess it worked.'

What do you think of artists who complain unceasingly about the traditional art world/scene and read Juxtapoz all day?
'I can complain a lot about traditional art, especially modern art. A lot of it is baloney and gets me very worked up. The key is to recognize what you don't like and try to improve upon it the best you can. And if you can't do that, well then I assume you spend a lot of time spreading your frustration and negativity on the internet.'

What's your current obsession?
'I'm really mad for storing my cheeses in Tupperware containers at the moment. Besides that, I'm also learning to play the banjo, experimenting with watercolors, and hanging around coffee shops doodling and listening to other peoples conversations.'

You've worked at Fabrica in Italy for two years. What happens when I mention the word pesto?
'My leg stars shaking if you mention pesto, though my entire body goes into convulsions if you mention prosciutto.'

'Anyhoo, Fabrica was a great experience for me. It was extraordinary to meet loads of talented people from around the world, and discover the common thread which unites all of us...the need to be liked and getting wasted.'

What kind of clothing is best suited for your designs?
'Sweater-vests, slacks, english shoes, and a pipe.'

What will never stop to amaze you?
'The fact that people keep waking up everyday and doing creative stuff. That keeps me going.'

Imagine that the government forbids artists to work. What would you do instead and could you be happy doing just that?
'I've thought about this before, and believe I could be quite content as the local sign painter in a small town. Ok, it is related to creativity but it's also a job and I'd be damn good at it.'

Any future projects that you could give my readers a sneak peak of?
'Nothing visual, sorry. Instead I can tell you that I will be in a group show here. (From November 10th - December 1st, 2007).

'Also my work will be featured in Area 2, published by Phaidon, coming out sometime next year. And I'm desperately working to put out something in the form of a printed book, comic, etc. very soon.'