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26 March, 2007

Teenangst Teenschmangst

The Teenagers zijn crazy. Op Scarlett dan. Hun laatste hit is een hilarische ode aan deze fijne actrice. En dan hebben we het nog niet eens gehad over hun remixen voor Au Revoir Simone en New Young Pony Club. Jaja, MonoBrow zag dat MiniMail interview wel zitten. Lees het hieronder.Inclusief foute vragen, onbegrijpelijke antwoorden en domme blunders.Wowzers!

Have you received fanmail from Scarlett Johansson?
'Not yet, but our bookers flatmate has a connection with her and she's gonna send her the song. We can't wait.'

What celeb could you never write a song for and why?
'Chuck Norris obviously and Paris Hilton.'

What is it with teenagers, drugs, alcohol, fashion and looking good?

How cool is Modular? I've read that your record boss is a complete nutter.
'Modular is not our label. We'll release our first single in may on Merok Records.'

Oops. Well then: being teenagers, when will you reach the legal drinking age?
'Ask the nme.'

On what do you spend your money?
'Newspapers, books, classical music cd's.'

What would you say to MonoBrow readers who haven't heard your music before?
'Listen to it you cunts.'

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