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25 March, 2007

Rockin' RTHQ

MonoBrow is niet de enige die het soms een beetje warm krijgt van gympies, Chewbacca, en zieke shirts. RTHQ is die man die d'r al jaren bovenop zit. De laatste tijd was het alleen wat stil. Tijd voor een MiniMail interview!

You're an authority on toys and sneakers. How come you aren't as active anymore writing and reporting about it?
'I simply no longer have the time. The combination of work, family and study no longer make it feasable. Having said that I still contribute to Sneaker Freaker magazine and maintain the links and shop guides.'

What things are you most proud of?
'I would like to think that the site introduced and interested people in new things, and brought people with shared interests together. What has pleased me the most about the site is that it has allowed me to meet and make friends with some great people who I would never have met otherwise.'

what keeps you busy these days
'Work, my children and postgraduate study!'

Have you sold valuable items of your collection?
'Err, I don't buy collectables to speculate on their value increasing. I buy them because I collect them! Like many, I have been a keen eBayer for some seven years, but when it comes to selling it is more down to lack of space than a desire to cash in!'

What's messed up about the current state of designer toys and streetwear culture?
'On the whole I don't feel a great connection with the products that are currently being released under these banners. This may be more a reflection of me, getting older, tastes and interests changing, than any change or decline in toys or streetwear. I still remain committed to the output of those that have always innovated and have a heritage behind them; principally Supreme, Bounty Hunter and James Jarvis.'

What is your ultimate toy and sneaker?
'Toy: a tie between the Star Wars AT-AT and James Jarvis's Martin. Sneaker: the New Balance 576 and 860.'

Can you quote from an anime or crappy sf movie?
'I'm a nerd; what do you think?!'

Why are Jordan III's and V's the ultimate sneakers?
'Are they? They are certainly classics of sneaker design; as are many other models. I think people's connection to these shoes will vary with the culture they grew up in or connect to. I'm not from a basketball culture and apart from the aesthetics of these shoes, they have little resonance with me beyond an appreciation of their form and colourways. Having said that, I have both shoes in various colourways!'