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13 July, 2009

MiniMail: Laura Mackness

The latest collection of Laura Mackness just oozes quality and makes you smile. It has been featured on Vogue, DazedDigital and other institutions. But they all forgot to ask if the super talented Central Saint Martin's graduate likes robots. Gosh!


When humour chats up fashion it's in the interest of all of us to drag fashion out of the room, be stern and make sure it never asks about that beguiling humour ever again. But that was before you turned up.
"That is a very nice comment from you thank you very much! I have always used humour in my work and I think as long as the clothes are still wearable and desireable then why not have a bit of fun. The fashion world quite often takes itself too seriously!"

Google auto-filled your name when I typed 'Laura mac...' you're famous! What's the most glamorous thing that happened after your graduation?
"I don’t know if glamorous is the right word but I was interviewed on the BBC news before the show at London Fashion Week, which seems to have really impressed all of my family and just being able to show on schedule at London Fashion Week in itself was pretty amazing, coupled with all the fantastic press attention I have received."

My mother always warned me against girls that spend too much time with the way they dress and look. Are you very self conscious about your look?
"No not really, Me myself I tend to wear the same sort of thing all the time, I used to be much more into my own image when I was younger, even as a child I would drive my mother crazy with outfit changes several times a day."

"But this has diminished as I have gotten older and life’s daily tasks have demanded more time and MA collections have zapped all of my energy."

Is there a specific girl you have in mind when you design your clothes?
"Not really, I always think that this is quite a hard question for a female designer. All the male designers that I know find this a much easier question to answer. I think as a female designer deep down I am kind of designing for a more extreme version of myself."

Here in Amsterdam it's very hard for talented young fashion designers to make a living. How are you going to earn money this year?
"At the moment I am doing a bit of freelance work; I am not looking to set up my own label though so I am actually on the look out for a full time job!"

Have you seen Transformers 2 yet?
"No, I am afraid to say I haven’t even seen Transformers 1 yet."

Do you like robots? Could you design a robot outfit?
"Not really a massive fan, though I do quite like the more retro robot, more Wizard of Oz Tin Man type thing than anything too modern and technical."

Laura Mackness - Central Saint Martin's Ready To Wear


Fenke said...

nice! i haven't heard of her so far, so i am glad you introduced her to me :-)

MonoBrow said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

leuke minimail.

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