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22 June, 2007

Don't trust Optimus Prime

Droom je wel eens over je eerste tv commercial? Of je postercampagne die in alle grote steden hangt? Fantaseer je soms dat elk t-shirt met jouw ontwerp erop binnen no time in een collectors item verandert? Lees dan vooral niet verder.

Geoff McFetridge is namelijk een grafische god. Alles wat hij doet is gruwelijk. En dik. En nou ja, gewoon heel mooi. Zo goed zul je nooit worden. Then again, hij is zelf nog steeds onzeker als de hel, en weet dat tegenslagen het leven interessant maken. Dus eh, beter lees je gewoon verder en laat je je inspireren als een huisvrouw die lid is van Oprah's Book Club. Maar bezoek eerst even z'n expo in de MU Gallery in Eindhoven.

How many projects do you turn down on a weekly basis?
'Maybe an average of 2. That's a funny question.'

Do you do what you do to prove anything to yourself or others?
'Oh yes. I am always pushing my limits. Just last night as I rode home from the Mu in the rain at 3 am I made note of how absolutely miserable I was. I felt quite distant from the misery though, it is like a different person is experiencing this misery and I am empathetic to it. I know that the challenges are what makes for life experience and interesting work. It is part of the process.'

Do you consider yourself lucky? Or is it all about hard work and talent?
'I feel lucky about moments, and then I feel also that I am glad that I am able to work hard in between these lucky moments, to link them together. In the end you need to work all the time, and also be lucky once in a while.'

Do you know any Dutch graphical talent?
'The Experimental Jetset. Erwin and Rop! and I also know work of the poster artist Parra.'

What are you obsessed with at the moment?
'Pencils of different varieties. Bicycles. Eyeglasses. Felt pens.'

Is there a finished project you're ashamed of because it's just plain ugly?
'Oh god yes. Many commercial projects I have done I cringe. I cannot name them out of respect for the people that paid me. Sorry world.'

If MonoBrow would invade your house MTV Cribs style, what would the camera register?
'It's very mellow there. You would see a nice kitchen I built for my daughter. Our house is a modern ranch house, which is a very typical American style of house that came about in the 50's. It was built by an architect who worked for Schindler though, so it is quite interesting in the details. It is the perfect house for me my wife and my daughter. We ride bikes around in circles.'

What's the last pair of sneakers you bought?
'Stan Smiths white.'

If Optimus Prime would run for President, would you vote for him?
'No way. Are you a truck or a robot? I can't trust that!'

De hood geeft. De hood neemt.

Het project is alweer een jaar oud, maar whatever. Fotograaf Michael Wolf maakte in Hong Kong een serie foto's van het oudste sociale woningbouwcomplex (it's the projects baby!) van die stad. Honderd foto's van appartementen die allemaal honderd vierkante meter zijn. Tenminste, eigenlijk zijn ze 100 vierkante feet, dus dat is 'n stuk kleiner. Hoeveel, dat moet je zelf maar uitrekenen. Deze blog heet MonoBrow. Niet Geodriehoek. Dat heeft een rede. Ondergetekende lette vroeger tijdens de wiskundeles namelijk net zo goed op als deze Amerikaanse chicks.