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05 June, 2007

Gruwelijke dingen aan het strand

Gister kreeg MonoBrow een mail van Ben van Miami Horror. Of we als enige niet Engelstalige blog een link wilden voor een nieuwe remix. EXCLUSIEF als die diamanten skull van Damien Schurft of hoe heet die gast.

MH is een dj/producer uit Melbourne. En toevallig vernoemd naar de plaats waar MonoBrow's favoriete tv-serie ever is opgenomen. Miami heeft al wat lekkere dingen geremixed van Soft Tigers en Midnight Juggernauts.

Binnenkort komt dat album Bravado en die samenwerking met Curtis Vodka. Ben je toch weer helemaal op de hoogte. Als je tenminste deze MiniMail met Ben ook nog effe leest. En vergeet niet die remix te pakken, onderaan dit verhaal.

Of all the horrible places you've been to, was Miami really that bad?
'Yes, it was the worst by far. I lost some of my best friends in Miami in the mid '80s, I was only young but the bullets were flying everywhere. 3 of my friends were hit by bullets at school from a shootup 600m down the street. My house was shotup, it was terrible. My family was very rich due to my father being a detective in the police force, he used to hustle so much confiscated coke.'

You're being hyped all over the blogosphere. Feeling famous and arrogant yet?
'I wouldnt really say being hyped on blogs means you have made it anywhere, Im definitely excited and being blogged is a good start to but I think it's more about Myspace, the first day you get 10,000 plays...Thats the winnerr.. hahaha.'

What would you do if it wasn't for Miami Horror?
'I would actually be doing the work I am meant to being doing for uni, which is making films. Although I love making films as well, the process, stress and costs are massive compared to with what I can do by myself at my own house with music. SO in a way I'm quite glad I have an alternative. I'd also be spending more time getting good music to dj which is slowly becoming my full time job.'

At what concert did you actually cry?
'Boys Don't Cry World Tour.'

What city has the best musical climate? Would you move there?
'I love the fact I could make music almost anywhere as long as I have most of my setup with me. Location and surroundings play a part in what I make and the style of music I am currently enjoying, so somewhere summery and upbeat (Miami) would be good. Paris in summer sounds fun. But Melbourne is sooo full of talent. I'm more than happy here surrounded by it sitting in my yellow and purple room.'

Why is it grrrreat being Miami Horror?
'Because I get to meet and/or hang with my idols: Vanshe, Midnight Juggernauts and Cut Copy.'

Could you give MonoBrow readers something new?
'Yes. Here is a remix for

Exiled (We Don't Need No) - Codebreaker.'


Unknown said...

Damien Schurft? What's with drinking all that Hate-O-Rade?

MonoBrow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MonoBrow said...

Krampachtige poging tot het maken van woordgrappen.

Faisal Jehan said...

Awesome! btw i also did an interview with him, you can check it at : www.ohhcrapp.net

Anonymous said...

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