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05 May, 2009

MiniMail: Dominic Tunon

You might know Dom Tunon from his work as online chief over at Vice uk. He's also the founder of Voodoo Village. This is the reason this minimail almost didn't happen. I've been threatened by some influential bloggers not to spread the word about Dominic's online project.

His taste in content is rather exquisite plus ahead of the curve you see. And because of this a reliable source other bloggers snatch content from to claim as their own. Well, NOT ANYMORE YOU BASTARDS. As of this posting, the whole world wide world will know Voodoo Village.


What's up with that tag cloud on Voodoo Village? I don't even know how to use that.
"The Tag Fog is a navigational shipwreck produced by hundreds of random blog posts, each with their own individual tags. I really like tag clouds in theory and I'm waiting for Blogger to invent a cloud that displays a set of tags randomly rather than all at once."

Why do you think people visit your site?
"For laughs and odd meme. it's like a Butchers that only sources rare meat, only we're purveyor of fine online exotica that you browse when you're bored at work."

Is being ironic still viable as a lifestyle?
"I don't think that a lifestyle limited to just being ironic has ever been viable. That sounds pretty soulless. It's better to be about something you are genuinely interested in (see Rad Dudes), not something you think is ironically cool (see Hipster Runoff)."

"Irony has been so overused and violated that it's come to everything and nothing, a bit like the word Amazing. Best used sparingly."

What's the first thing you check online everyday?
"Nerdily, I've got my iGoogle dashboard set up with everything on one page: gmail, blog feeds, Analytics, Ad Words, not forgetting Word Of The Day! I've been honing my geek skills recently by teaching myself Search Engine Optimisation. Google is terrifying."

If the infamous Jiro Bevis is on board, why doesn't he post more of his work on Voodoo?
"Didn't you hear? We broke up a few months ago. He cheated on me."

You must smile once in a while. What causes this mostly?
"I smile when old people fall over and little kids do funny dancing. The Adam & Joe show is jokes. I love the deadpan delivery of Sir Clement Freud, who died recently. Not to be a downer, here's one I heard recently:

Q: What rhymes with Snoop?
A: Dr. Dre"

What keeps you going?
"Welch's Grape Juice, Redtube.com and sunsets."