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12 September, 2007


Hattori Hanzo had gelijk. Zijn Katana zwaarden zijn onoverwinnelijk:

Toy punky brewster part II

En hier heb je dan het tweede gedeelte van de MiniMail met Tony van ToyPunks....

What's the most expensive, most exclusive toy you have in your possession?
'We're lucky to have some crazy toys that collectors may get hyped about, but we also have super cheap toys that we like just as much! For us, it's less about exclusivity as it is about enjoying items we like!'

What's up with the combination Japanese punk and toy culture? How are these things linked?
'That's a massive question that we'll be exploring in the DVD series, but the designer vinyl movement was inspired on a lot of levels by Hikaru Iwanaga of Bounty Hunter, who grew up on a steady diet of The Clash, Bad Brains and punk in general.'

'He mixed his love of punk and American character culture to create a powerful new aesthetic and brand name in Japan. Before that, prolific American punk artist Pushead made toys in Japan that influenced a generation of artists and creators. Also, Takeshi Sakamoto, bass player of the Japanese hardcore band Cocobat, played a pivotal role in the link through his creation of the Fink-shit toy.'

'The Fink-shit later became the basis for Hiddy Kinoshita's Secret Base toys and a slew of smaller companies that have popped up after SB. Ultimately, these creators and several other key players were reflecting American and Japanese character culture through a punk rock lens well over a decade ago, applying a DIY spirit to creating toys, art and fashion. They didn't do this in a contrived way; this was just a natural extension of who they are. While these gentlemen were at the forefront of the movement, their ideas are pervasive today. Now many talented creators have adopted a similar approach to toys and fashion!'

What's the weirdest thing that ever happened when you showed your collection to a girl?
'She proposed marriage!'