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22 May, 2007

Super De Boer

MonoBrow heeft een veel te dure zonnebril van dit lachen merk. Maar eigenlijk draagt 'ie dat ding zelden want gezichtsrimpels zijn ruig. (Doorleefde koppen for the win.) En het dragen van die dingen is gewoon niet zo tof. Totdat de blater van dit blog Super tegenkwam. Het is opgezet door de mensen achter Pig Magazine en behoorlijk sympatico.

Ach, lul niet, UFFIE draagt ze zelfs: hoe heet wil je het hebben! MonoBrow sprak Daniel Beckerman, de uitgever van Pig. Hij is een Italiaan met hetzelfde gevoel voor humor als Hans Liberg. Gouwe combi.

These glasses make the owner look like a character from the Muppet show. Who's your favourite?
'Don't remember the characters. Let me check Google. I think Foo-Foo.'

How did the design proces go?
'It happened all of a sudden. I had this really erotic dream where I was having fun with many girls and one of them, had those shades on so when I woke up I thought that maybe this was a signal, telling me the direction my life had to take! I had to make those shades and then I realized that that girl was Wonder Woman. So that's where the name comes from: Wonder Woman, Super Woman: SUPER. the RETRO and the FUTURE is because in my past that lady forged my character and after this dream I am sure it will do so in the future.'

What about the quality?
'Acetate was first introduced in 1904, when Camille Dreyfus and his younger brother Henri did chemical research and development in a shed in their father's garden in Basil, Switzerland. (You can read the rest on Wikipedia.)'

Who's the most famous owner of Super sunglasses?
'Me and Wonder Woman.'

Do you make other products?
'This is a secret.'

What's the best thing that will happen when you start wearing a pair of Super sunglasses?
'Well, you immediately start to feel better, all the problems of your life vanish in just a sec, you feel fresh, new, warm but at the same time cool, dizzy, fizzy, and some people swear that they can see through clothes, oh, and suddenly you can read minds.'

Will they be expensive?
'No, 70, 80 euro. Very inexpensive for hand made, Zeiss lens products. When we decided about the price my Excel was corrupt so I made a mistake, in fact hurry up and buy the first collection because the second one will cost more.'

Super zonnebrillen haal je binnenkort bij Spoiled in de Wolvenstraat. Alhoewel, toen MonoBrow dat checkte wisten ze van niks. Hou die shop dus gewoon in de gaten. En gluur Flickr voor die knappe mensen met Super op die bekje.