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13 August, 2007

Aan het einde van de avond even lekker shuffelen met je meisie.

Bij ons doen ze dit. Maar in Australië heb je Sarah en Pae (een setje ja). En die twee zijn gewoon kankergoed (sorry mam). Vooral als ze synchroon gaan... Op We Dance Hard vind je nog meer van die shuffelende huiskamerhakkers.

We're not The Cazals

Ze hadden misschien wel de tofste track op de tweede verzamelaar van Kitsuné. En intussen is die Cazals buzz op het interweb sterker dan Maya de bij. Zeker nu ze je versgekochte jeans met zo'n hoge taille van je kont laten zakken van het springen op een cover van Spandau Ballet's Too Cut A Long Story Short. Hell yea. MonoBrow doet moeite en laat Martin en Daniel van Cazals een paar vragen beantwoorden. Hope you like very much yes?

Even though your version is excellent: why cover another song when you can obviously make great tracks yourselves?
M: 'I can't remember exactly how the idea came about but I can remember thinking right away how it could translate into being a Cazals song - one which we could almost make our own. I don't want to detract from Gary Kemp's genius but it doesn't feel like a cover to me anymore.'
D: 'Don't worry Gary likes it too!'

Hailing from the Kitsuné camp are you supposed to hate on Ed Banger?
M: 'Possibly, but I certainly don't - I think it's a fantastic label full of really talented artists at the top of their game. How could anyone help but respect them?'
D: 'I got in trouble the other day with Kitsune because I said something nice about Justice to them. It reminds me of the Sparks track ‘This town ain’t big enough for the both of us’, though Paris probably is.'

What is the thing Cazals members like to do best together, apart from making songs and performing?
M: 'Play pool.'
D: 'Yep, play pool.'

What is your favorite Rambo: First Blood scene?
M: 'I don't think I've seen the film. I remember the music for the Commodore 64 game...'
D: 'Probably supposed to say the bit were he stitches up his own arm as its macho and stuff but I love the end where he has a sissy fit and you can’t understand a word he says mmmbbmbmb he was just lying there…Adrien!....mmbbmmbmdmm sniffle, sniffle. Always has me in stitches.'

Ehrm, that was Rocky. Ok. What should we never have known about Cazals?
M: 'That we lived in East London. Those two words have an unfortunate amount of baggage with them.'

Is your music suited for sexy time situations?
M: 'Perhaps in the way that Phil Collin's music features in American Psycho or maybe if you're gay.'
D: 'I wouldn’t know, I think if I put on a Cazals track as I was just about to get lucky that would quite possibly be the most egocentric and disturbing thing I could possibly do. Hey, baby I’m just a poor innocent boy, you know'

What's the most frustrating thing about being Cazals?
M: 'Everything always going wrong, breaking down, falling through or being stolen... Closely followed by being billed as THE cazals.'
D: 'Being told that if we do just this one more thing it’ll all happen for us.'