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27 August, 2007

Glory Glory Hallelu

Gloria Loves Valentine. Dertien jongens en meisjes die allemaal ergens goed in zijn. Zo zijn ze druk met producties voor clippies, modeshoots en meer. En dat houdt ze dan weer van de straat wat goed is. Want de straat jongen, da's linke soep. MonoBrow MiniMailde met eh, ja, nou ja, met één van die gasten. Even vergeten wie ook weer.

It's rumoured that you're taking over the world. Must we be afraid? What will you do to us?
'We've come to inspire and be inspired. No need to be afraid unless you're a wasteman.'

What is your biggest achievement so far as a collective?
'Doing what we love. All the jobs we do are a bonus, so none of them like really blow us away, it's the fact that we're doing it our way.'

Who sure needs a little Gloria Loves Valentine and why?
'I-d magazine, Dazed maybe, simply coz we are something new and not the same bullshit people they keep using over and over again claiming to be new.'

Do you think this whole skinny pants thing that is everywhere will result in guys with bad sperm, thus killing us off as a species?
'I don't think its the bad sperm that will kill us off. What will happen is all the girls will get tired of the gay looking men and decide to eat carpet thus only lezbo sex will take place, thus no more babies, either that or president Bush will do it.'

What are you working on right now?
'Bags and t-shirt, they should be up on the website by now. It's a series that states who we love. Like one of them says Gloria Loves Valentine loves Susan Sarandon. Another one says Gloria loves Valentine loves Grace Jones. It's just truly people that we like, love or who inspire us personally. We don't care if they're popular to everyone else.'

And the mag?
'Two online magazines, Gloria and Valentine, both different in their approach. Can't say more than that really. They should be out by November. Oh and we're also working on our next Youth Club night.'

What should people never forget when they hear or read about Gloria Loves Valentine
'We have nothing in common with the bitchy cunty side of fashion.'

Can people join you?
'Yeah but plz no dickheads. We seem to have an allergic reaction to them.'

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