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16 April, 2007

Make sweat maximum people!

Deze pappies maken tracks die verder gaan dan Faces Of Death. Killdayhype komt dan ook met snoeiharde bangers waar je wel op moet dansen. Zo zijn ze lekker bezig met die remix voor Daft Punk. Hier pak je al dat lekkers. Maar jeweet: MonoBrow doet moeite. Eerst een MiniMail interview met Nicolas, één van die Franse bazen. Check die grappige kromme zinnen!

You two are hype. But you're called Killdahype! Now what?
'In France being "hype" might not mean the same as elsewhere. Moreover in Paris, what we call hype is mostly composed by unshaved people. Us, we do shave that's why we called ourselves Killdahype. Seriously hype people are kind of trend makers, and we do not think that the trend is coming from magazines to the street, we think on the contrary that it must come from the street to magazines.'

Who is your most famous friend? And what do you like to do with him/her?
'I think that our most famous friend is our grocer, he's known all around the District. He calls himself Mustapha the Greatest Grocer of Paris. I think he'd better call himself the Fattest one, but don't tell him otherwise he won't give us credit anymore.'

What makes you smile more: remixing or dj'ing?
'I think that the most interesting thing to do is produce tracks, then remixing and finally dj'ing, even if dj'ing is much more funny, it makes us close to the crowd we are supposed to make dance with our tracks, dj'ing also makes us meet others producers/artists/dj's, sometimes there are some nice meetings.'

Is it true all French girls go clubbing without underpants?
'It depends on the club. There are some clubs where you have a bettter chance to meet this type of girl (the kind which does not wear underpants :-) ). Mostly in hype places, the kind of tiny places where you can enter only if you are a member of the bouncer's family. So that the less place there are in the club the more chance you have to find underpantless girls.'

If you could play in a Dutch club, which one would you choose?
'In the greatest one, in order to make Sweat the maximum of dutch people (I hope so).'

We need an album. What will it be like and when can we buy it?
'Before the album, there is an EP which will be released on VOKUHILA rec (an underground German label). If there's an album it will sound like a mix of funked up electronica and 80's electro hip-hop.'

Name a song you will never dance to.
'La danse des canards :-)'

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