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10 January, 2008

Don't mention the feet

Ladyhawke is nice. Ze maakt mooie liedjes voor de mensen, is easygoing en nou ja, wat zou je nog meer kunnen vertellen over deze mevrouw? Laat ik eens wat proberen met een MiniMail:

When I Googled your name the first thing that came up was a film which starred Matthew Broderick before he gave us The Best Movie Evar.
'Haha Ladyhawke is sooo bad it's good. I mean it had a young Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick in it so it's worth a look. I just loved the name and knew that's what I wanted to be called!'

Your music makes me smile. Do you know of any other effects that it has on people?
'Seems to make people nostalgic I've found. A lot of people tell me when they hear my music it reminds them of the eighties.'

What's the last tune that was stuck in your mind?
'Run Run Run by Phoenix.'

Which body part of boyfriends makes you gross out every time?
'That's an interesting question! Feet gross me out a bit - I mean there are a few things I could say here haha, but I'll go with feet!'

What is that your friends love about you?
'I'm really easy going, and have quite a weird quirky sense of humour.'

Did anyone famous ever give you a compliment about you as an artist?
'A couple of people who I really look up to have contacted me because they liked my work, but I wouldn't know how to rate them in fame scales. Let's just say I have been surprised and flattered.'

What are you going to do in 2008 and is Amsterdam involved in it?
'I'll definitely be touring Europe so Amsterdam will no doubt be on my list of places to play! I've wanted to visit for so long now! I'm realeasing my first single in March and the album in June, so it'll be a busy year.'

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