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18 February, 2008

Fwiends Fwor Life

Sinds kort ben ik fan van FriendsWithYou. En nog sinds korter durf ik daar ook voor uit te komen. Ik beloofde je toen een MiniMail met die boys. Uiteindelijk mailde ik short maar sweet met Samuel. Daar ga je:

Almost all the characters that inhabit the FriendsWithYou universe are instantly loveable. But since life isn't always like that, how do you deal with evil characters or stories? Is there room for them in your world?
'Yes there are tons, our characters each represent an emotion that spans from the darkest feeling to the happiest joy. Sometimes it's hard to tell what looks evil from what is cute.'

How long until the first FWY animated feature film?
'Sooner than you would imagine!'

Your work is being shown in renowned art environments. But do all respected art critics/institutions take you seriously? Is that important?
'Yes more and more, but we are aiming for a high consciousness and spiritual spread to the world and think the fine art world catches up after most people.

'We feel art is about the levity of all the people. IT is a huge responsibility and really fun for us.'

How about creating a FWY video game?
'Yes please..!

Do your friends dread their birthdays because you always give them a FWY toy/card/sticker?
'Hahhaha, they wish!'

Which FWY character should run for president? 'Why? None, Obama is already running and he is god for that job.'

Have you ever declined collaborations with brands?
'Um, not that I can think of.'

Why is life good?
'Because it is everything, it is good , stressful, bad, sad, glad, joyful, free, fun, stupid, boring, adventurous, and absolutely beautiful at every one of those moments!'

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