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30 September, 2009

MiniMail: Fruition's Samantha

I've met Samantha (together with Chris Julian founder of Las Vegas boutique Fruition) only once. But that encounter made a lasting impression. Her enthusiasm, vision and positivity are something to behold.

And I'm not the only one impressed by her. With clients slash friends like Jeremy Scott, Carri Munden, Jeff Staple and A-trak for example, Sam shows she knows how to reach out and connect.

Fruition isn't a cynical fashion cash in or a fad, this is the real deal people. Real passion. And I don't even like that word so go figure. Or even better go read:


What was your favorite piece of clothing during your early school days?
'Polo Sport, Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS Jeans, Stüssy.'

Did you recall the moment you realized fashion meant more to you than the next person?
'I've always had an enlarged vision of what fashion could be for me. There was definitely a moment when I realized that fashion could potentially be a platform for something bigger and something more meaningful.'

'Fashion is a door for me to channel positivity and fuel inspiration for others so that I can truly serve a purposeful life and ultimately have the opportunity to be a blessing to others.'

What do you think happens with the world when the last bit of late eighties and early nineties piece of vintage clothing has been found, cleaned up and sold?
'We're modern day archaeologists here at FRUITION! That'll never happen! Right now we’re focusing on taking the execution further than just the 80’s and 90’s. We’re currently curate a well edited selection of archival / avant garde silhouettes with forward thinking design that spur ideas and elevate the level of design in art and fashion.'

Do you ever feel out of place because of the way you dress?
'What others feel as safe is more unsafe for me. I'd rather be an individual that provokes thought as opposed to someone that remains stagnant and afraid to break the chains of limitations that's working against them from being their own individual and reaching their potential.'

What happens when a person walks up to you and argues you're just being ironic with your vintage mix of clothing?
'Ignore the ignorance, educate and move forward.'

You've styled M.I.A.’s Boyz video in Jamaica. Have you done this for other videos lately? Any other projects you can talk about?
'Like they say: Speak little, do much! Look forward to FRUITION's Limitless FUTURE!'

What is the most horrible fashion no go-look you have encountered on a person?
'Negative Attitude.'

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