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24 September, 2009

MiniMail: The Very Best

Vanavond staan ze op het podium van Picnic at Night. Maar eerst even die MiniMail met je favoriete blog dat na het lezen van het interview met Johan Hugo van The Very Best waarschijnlijk niet meer je lievelings is. Want hoe kun je nu trots zijn op een site die z'n muzikale facts zo krom heeft?


Imagine the confusion in a couple of years when people ask Virgin employees for your compilation album The very best by The Very Best.
'The next album will be called Not As Good As The First Time' =), yeah but The Very Best of The Very Vest is pretty damn catchy no? Can't wait!'

You're popular in the West, but what about Africa?
'It's getting there. Harder to reach out in Africa when there's mostly bootlegging and no distributions and record companies. But we'll get there more too for sure. We're back in Malawi next month for Lake Of Stars festival and that's always a great opportunity to go round the radio and tv stations and give out cds.'

I did some research but all the info about you I could find was the story about how you met. That's covered then. What about the first time you three argued? What was it about?
'We've never argued between the 3 of us. We keep The Very Best really chilled, it's just the way it seems to work...'

You seem to have a wide ranging musical taste. Is there any particular genre you just don't get?
'I never really got the Swedish style of music called dans band. It's like some super corny granny music, just oooveerrllyy cheesy and shit. It might be the only style of music I ever came across that I didn't like at all.'

I'm still looking for the next big artist for 2010. Since you have a tendency to work with the hottest people around, who do you recommend?
'Afrikan boy. Barbara panther. Sky ferreira. Marina vello. Theophilus london. Douster. Uproot andy.... that's a few =)'

Is it hard to clear the use of samples? You use a lot of them in your tracks right?
'On The Very Best there's only one sample.'

/just lost all credentials as a music blogger

Ehrm, right
'It's a pain in the ass using samples so we try to avoid it but we still love it. We only clear something if it's coming out as a big release though, underground shit don't matter.'

On stage during PICNIC at Night you're not going to talk about smoking pot are you?
'Hahahaa... Why would we talk about smoking weed? 'Cause we're in Amsterdam? I would say the chance of Esau talking about it is slim. Maybe Molaudi will ask the audience for a spliff though.'


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Man Bag Ma eh Donderdag

Susan Bijl maakt mooie dingen om mooie dingen in te stoppen. Haar nieuwe collectie is werkelijk pjachtig.

Van grote graai exemplaren voor de ladies tot unisexyness voor HEM en HAAR (weet je nog, de modeboutique in het dorp waar je moeder vaste klant was?).

Ook belangrijk: we hebben het hier over goodies van 100% leer die van binnen afgewerkt zijn met organisch katoen. En gemaakt in Nederland, dus niet aangeraakt door ziekelijk ontstoken kindervingertjes.

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