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04 March, 2008

Domme smurf

Zo, ik ga hard op die Naive New Beaters, niet normaal. Dat hilarische clipje had je natuurlijk al gezien. Ik riep toen ook dat ik een MiniMail zou fixen.

Hey, moet je anders even doorlezen! Het is met David Boring, Eurobelix of Martin Luther BB king. Dat weet je nooit...

Is it true Bill Gates told you how to build a supercomputer that produces those amazing effects in Live Good?
'Thanks a lot, bang to you my man. But Bill Gates doesn’t know shit about computers, I'm telling you. Eurobelix, he’s the man. Hard drives, flat screens, alcohol, that’s his stuff. And wow, Martin Luther BB king, he’s also the man, the longer haired man. This pasteurized guitar player from Utah in Alabama has got some sweet & sour tricks too. Weirdly, he gets all the girls.'

Did you do anything naive this week?
'We went to a birthday party of a friend in a Parisian club (where we've played live 5 or 6 times) thinking the bouncer would let us in.'

I guess he didn't. But it's only a matter of time before you're famous. Have you already rehearsed a spontaneous line that you can drop in emergency situations when someone like Justin Timberlake walks up to say hi?
'Yes: « hey my friend, let’s share »'

Artists nowadays have to make most of their money through performing. But your show tickets are cheap! So do you sell drugs to earn something?
'Don’t say that, our parents read those kind of things, they’ll kick us out of the house for sure. We actually get all our dollars from those Cambodian weddings we do on sundays, we’re starting getting so famous out there I think, or soon.'

'We also sell mugs with Eurobelix’s angry face and Martin dates teen celebrities. But all the money goes to David Boring’s wardrobe coaches, They have a lot of work.'

Morgen meer. Tomorrow part two...

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