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28 March, 2007

...to get beat down!

Sooo dan. De strijd tussen Kitsuné en Ed Banger is nu echt losgebarsten op MonoBrow. In dit MiniMail interview die pappies van Punks Jump Up. Twee dudes die elkaar jaren geleden tijdens het uitgaan ontmoetten en nu heter zijn dan de lippen van Scarlett Johansson die een hap van een vers saucijzenbroodje neemt. Hun single voor Kitsuné is nu uit. Terwijl ze ook lekker bezig zijn voor het heerlijk obscure Cassette Records. Whatever. Hier komen Joe & David.

What is your favorite French word apart from Kitsuné (which is Japanese but whatever)?
'That'll be Maison then! Hehe (hopefully we can now collect our Kitsuné freebies).'

You two are very good at what you're doing and both have a sense of style that's out of this world. Surely there must be something negative to write about? Do you secretively like Robbie Williams, wear super baggy Karl Kani at home... What?!
'Oh stop it, you're killing us!! Anyway, we like freaky looking dummies, tacky TV programs about paranormal activity and one of our guilty pleasure tracks is Take My Breath Away.'

What are the ingredients for a killer track?
'But that's a secret though! We can give away a little tip: everybody likes to be able to sing along to easily heard & understandable lyrics.'

What would you like to say to people who don't know Punks Jump Up To Get Beatdown is a classic song from Brand Nubian?
'Isssit!??! We completely came up with that name ourselves. We're seriously gutted now. Did you have to...'

Can you quote a line from The Goonies?
'Come on Walsh we don't have all day. There's 50 more houses to tear down after yours. This Google thing is great!'

What is the ultimate PJU alcohol-during-a-set-drink.

'A Happy Hardcore courtesy of our friends from Last Night On Earth in Amsterdam, full of murderous & wonderful things.'