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21 June, 2007

Zikes! It's Shir Khan

Het is Duits en dendert door je speakers? Shir Khan, Berlijn's busiest dj. Maar een momentje voor een MiniMail interview, dat was geen probleem. En verder? Verder niet teveel lullen, gewoon z'n mixen downloaden en gaan als een moron op die eclectische stylo van deze vriendelijke German.

Are you sure you're German? You're dj-sets and remixes are very French.
'Some people say my dj-sets sound like Paris, some say they sound like London. I would say they sound like a bit of Berlin, mixed with a bit of Paris, London, New York and Rio. My passport represents multi-ethnicity, not Germany.'

What do you need to have around you to make banging tracks? Candy? Action figures? Vodka?
'I always have to clean up my room before I can start, otherwise my music is not structured and it looks as chaotic as my room. Besides that I have to switch off my mobile and I have to keep myself away from the internet. Thats all besides smoking.'

What's the best thing that ever happened during one of your dj sets?
'The best: girls stagediving in high-heels, girls getting bodypainted with tigerstripes, dancing naked on the stage, people screaming my name so loud I couldn't hear the monitor anymore.'

'The worst thing: girls puking into my recordbag, girls throwing beer over my records while djing, security man slapping me in the face for smoking which was not permitted.'

What's the best part of a day in the life of Shir Khan?
'A sunny day in Berlin with a view on the water and no e-mails to answer.'

Have you ever been boo'ed at in a club?
'A long time ago, someone stepped up to me and said that I am the worst dj that he had ever seen in his whole life. He was serious and he tried to convince the crowd not to dance to my music. He lost. It was one of my best dj-sets.'

How's the ringing in your ears going? Nice and hard?
'Like my mobile ringtone, sadly enough: nice and warm :) '

Could you give MonoBrow readers a link to something new to listen to?
'Check out Crookers from Milano for some nice Fidgit House, Free Blood (aka !!!) from New York for some nice No Wave-Funk and Sirius Mo from Berlin for some nice Disco-Synth-Hop.'

'Or check my forthcoming mix-cd SHIR KHAN-MAXIMIZE! on my label EXPLOITED. You will find all these artists with exclusive tracks on it. It is out AUGUST 27th.'

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