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01 May, 2007

The guns of Jiro

Jiro Bevis zit in de UK. En da's maar goed ook. Want als hij bij ons z'n ding deed zouden alle flyerontwerpers en illustratoren zonder werk komen te zitten. Kijk dan wat een kenkerknappe dingen hij maakt. (Klik vooral verder op dat linkerlijstje.) Als je in de jaren tachtig wel eens op een deck stond snap je waarom MonoBrow zo warm wordt van die stijl. Kom maar op met dat MiniMail interview, jatoch.

Are you drunk when you draw?
'No, i cant work when I'm drunk, I've tried drawing while I'm pissed and when I'm high, but my attention span seems to disappear and i cant be bothered to draw.'

Do you listen to music to get into a particular mood when working?
'Yeah, music is really important when im drawing, I used to just listen to anything that i liked, but I realized listening to some Krautrock like Neu!, Amon Duul II and Cluster is really good, the songs are usually 20 minutes long and you get into a kind of trance and end up doing a lot of work, listening to comedy is good as well, especially Bill Hicks and Lenny Bruce. I cant listen to anything like Bruce Springsteen, it distracts me too much.'

Who's your biggest fan?
'I don't think I've got any big fans, or at least I don't know of any and I don't think I've done enough work to deserve any just yet either, 1 guy did come up to me in a record shop and ask if I was Jiro, which was a bit strange.'

What kind of object would you love to illustrate?
'I wanna draw some Native American stuff, I'm into that at the moment, like The End of The Trail, wigwams, all the mythological stuff. And also more cosmic, space stuff, like all the Hawkwind album covers by Barney Bubbles, they're amazing.'

What's best about drawing girls?
'I'm rubbish at drawing girls, they always end up looking all fucked up, I used to draw flyers for People Are Germs, and they asked me to draw them, but they ended up looking like witches, I dont think they liked it. I wish I could draw beautiful naked women, hopefully I'll be able to one day.'

What do you hope when people see your work?
'Dunno, I guess I hope they like it, and if they're an illustrator, it influences them somehow, or makes them wanna draw something. Alot of the posters for the People Are Germs nights i did ended up getting ripped off the walls, which I guess is some kind of compliment.'

What things are you working on right now?
'The main thing I'm doing right now is a comic, it's a bit scary because I've never done one before, I keep putting it off, and I also did some stuff for the next Black Lips 7"'

What is depicted on your sickest drawing?
'I dunno what my favourite drawing is, i guess, one of my most recent stuff, like the Black Lips cover of 'Not A Problem', that was my interpretation of the song, or part of it at least, I always wanted to draw a Smith & Wesson gun, and that was a good excuse. And it's got hands on it, I always end up drawing hands, I guess its because there the nearest thing to me to draw.'

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