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08 April, 2007

Holy Crap, it's Holy Hail!

Sjawel. MonoBrow brengt je die hype waarvan je niet wist dat je er hard op ging. De hipsters van Holy Hail zijn echt leuk. En eh, whatever. MonoBrow heeft een paaskater. Klik gewoon op die linkje, laat je oren klappen en lees het MiniMail verhaal hieronder.

You look almost too stylished to be true. Please tell us you were created by an ad agency so we can go back to sleep again.
'If we were created by an ad agency, we would be bathing in dollars and swimming in champagne.'

Who makes the worst poo and pee jokes?
Michally: 'YOUR MOM.'
Kevin: 'You mean tudies?'

Have you already been remixed? If yes, by whom?
Cat: 'We have had the good fortune of being remixed by many talented friends of ours from all over the world - Rory from Trash, Dave P from Philadelphia, Bonde de Role from Brazil, Shir Khan from Germany and our very own label dad ACTH's Will (from London).'
Michally:'Shadow Dancer also did a sweet remix of Born of A Star, which I'm sure you can find somewhere on the internet.'

Why isn't there an Amsterdam tour date on your Myspace?
Kevin: 'That Amsterdam show is a little bit of a secret right now. Track our Myspace for more info.'

What do you love about New York?
Cat: 'No matter what you MAY think, New York can never be boring... Even if you get tired of a scene or a crowd or whatever, if you open your eyes there will always be some crazy shit going on somewhere.'
Michally: 'As competitive as New York may seem, everyone is really supportive of each other. There is a real we all are busting our asses and if you won then you deserve it and thats rad type of thing that I haven't found in any other town.'

Which cartoon has the best theme tune?
Michally: 'I would personally say Family Guy, a baby with a football head doing the Can Can? Yes please.'

If you could knock somebody down with any fighting technique, who would it be and what move from which fighting sport would you use?
Cat: 'Personally I think capoeira is pretty gangster. I don't know who my enemies are but they better watch out because as an ex-gymnast, I would definitely pull the cartwheel with a razor blade between my toes. It's something that should be pretty and graceful but would definitely fuck someone up.'
Michally: 'Oh, shit girl, that is HARSH! I used to get kicked out of soccer games in high school and be scolded: "We are not playing rugby here" so I guess I would just run up and take them out at the waist, no holds barred.'

Why will 2k7 be the year of Holy Hail?
Michally: 'Cause your mom said so.'