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12 August, 2008

The dubious odour of Will Laren

Will Laren dus. Wat een goeie gast. En een nog betere MiniMail:

When did you realize making illustrations with fart jokes wasn't the best way getting all the ladies?
'I am still optimistic that making illustrations with fart jokes is the best way to get ladies.'

Your output is amazing, is there still time to do other things apart from drawing?
'I am selling a shirt I designed in some local shops in Philadelphia as well as on my Flickr. Other than making shirts with wizards fighting on them, I tend to spend the rest of my time getting into adolescent shenanigans.'

Are your parents supportive or do they consider you a sick little monkey?
'They are supportive of my art, which I think is irresponsible of them.'

What's the freakiest superhero fantasy you've ever had?
'You're crazy if you think I am going to admit that.'

Which movie has given you the most quotes to be used in tricky situations?
'Dolemite. Quoting Dolemite has gotten me out of more scrapes than I care to remember.'

Here we have an artist called Gummbah. Your work reminded me of his.
'The link to the translated drawings didn't work, but maybe my inability to understand these comics will finally give me the incentive I need to learn Dutch. or at least get a Dutch friend and use him to read me comics.'

Why do you think you draw the things you draw?
'Drawing is the best way I can display my thoughts. A lot of things I find funny I can't explain as a traditional joke. Drawing is the best way I can exhibit my ideas and humor to other people and have them understand it.'

'That is the problem with this interview. I had to write it so it is all going to sound stupid. If you had me draw an interview though I would have sounded kickass and totally smart.'


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