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28 May, 2007

De Noormannen komen

Begrijp jij het nog? MonoBrow lukt het gewoon elke keer om die talentvolle gasten voor MiniMails te strikken terwijl ze deze blog helemaal niet kennen. Maar als ze 'm checken, dan krijgen ze spontaan zin om dat stukje haar tussen de wenkbrauwen te laten groeien.

Net als jij natuurlijk. Want anders las je dit niet. En daarom houden we ook zo van je. Ho ho ho. Iets minder met dat bier. Back on track: Datarock komt uit Bergen, Noorwegen. Dat is een suffe stad. Maar er zit een hoop talent. Datarock ken je van het redelijk geniale Fa-Fa-Fa. Whatever. Lees gewoon wat Fredrik te zeggen heeft.

Is it hard to crossover from internet celebs to real world musicians and be taken seriously?
'We've already done more than 300 shows in 17 countries including Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America, so there's no real transition happening to be honest. Our shows have always been well received so the only thing new is the frequency of gigs and the crowds we play for.'

What is it with Bergen that it spawns this much musical talent?
'Too much time, too much cash, too much rain, too much indoor activity.'

Who's your favourite Transformer?
'Optimus Prime, cause he such a nice, manly guy.'

Do you think robots will rule the world one day?
'Yes. But it'll only be make believe. The ones who rule the world now always did and always will.'

Do you always perform in those tracksuits? Don't they smell really bad?
'We do, but robots known as washing machines make sure they always smell like Alabama in spring. We additionally spray them with a combination of testosterone and estrogen to make sure the boys and girls are happy. No negative reactions so far.'

What do you like about electronic music that you miss in regular analogue rock?
'The presence of robots. However, as digital processing seams more present in "analogue" rock than any electronic genre, I suppose mainstream pop rock could in fact just as well be played by robots. In other words, I miss the human presence of electronic music in analogue rock.'

What do you guys do when you're not Datarocking or running a recordlabel?
'We build robots and enter them into fun loving competitions. We recenly won a contest with our new robot, WOPR. Inspired by the movie WarGames it has the following features: Is not 'natural' / has been artificially created, Can sense its environment, Can manipulate things in its environment, Has some degree of intelligence, or ability to make choices based on the environment, or automatic control / preprogrammed sequence, Is programmable, Can move with one or more axes of rotation or translation, can make dexterous coordinated movements, Appears to have intent or agency (reification, anthropomorphisation or Pathetic fallacy).'

Ehrm, right. Cheers. Dit is een clippie van die mannen.