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16 July, 2007

Synchroon bouncen

Eet je de hele dag Kentucky Fried Chicken en sport je van die cornrows op je kop? Dan is dit er eentje voor joe. Tuurlijk, jij kent Unk allang. MonoBrow was alleen niet op de hoogte. Want al die Southern rap is behoorlijk played out. Maar ok. Eerlijk is eerlijk: de montage van dat jaren zestig beeld met Unk's hit Walk It Out is onwijs aanstekelijk. Dat dan weer wel.

It's all about le nez

MonoBrow draait al weken onafgebroken Modern Times van Adam Kesher. En dan dus vooral de remix van Goon & Koyote. (Nu niet gelijk Last.fm checken, want dat val ik door de mand en blijkt dat ik zwaar overdrijf.) Grote vraag was alleen: wie is Adam Kesher? Wat dan weer gelijk de openingsvraag voor deze MiniMail is. Jaja, soms zijn de dingen niet zo lastig.

Who is Adam Kesher?
'Adam Kesher is a french boy with twelve arms, a kind of western Vishnu, without all the life-death-rebirth stuff. We definitely consider death as an end.'

What should you never say to him in his face?
'Hey Adam, you've got a big nose'

Has it ever happened that a remix from one of your songs was better than the original?
'Even if it happened, it remains to be proved.'

Do you ever feel horny after listening to your own music?
'Of course, our music gives us strenght to stand this hard game that humans call love.'

Do you consider yourselves good musicians?
'We consider ourselves good musicians since some kids asked for our playlists after a show and Gaetan (one of our guitar players) is able to cover the entire Can discography with his toes.'

What's the best album you've listened to recently and why?
'The Black Lips with Los Valientos Del Mundo Nuevo. Their shows are totally amazing, best garage band on earth. Buried Alive makes me feel really horny, more than our own songs.'

If you could make the theme tune for a tv show, which one would you choose?
'We hate Devendra Banarth and all that awful neo-hippy stuff but we have to say that we don't watch TV.'

Say something not funny
'You can't escape the free world and French people got big noses.'